Pininfarina goes from Auto to Audio!

When you bring together the renowned precision of German technology and the revered panache of Italian design, you know you have the formula for a product with a spectacular aesthetic and experience!

Designed by none other than Italian design powerhouse, Pininfarina (the force behind Ferrari’s design legacy), the LZR 980 headphones exude a class you don’t see in many headphones. Designed for German audio company, Magnat, known for their car audio systems and home audio systems, the LZR 980 is the flagship headphone of Magnat’s newly launched range of wearable audio.

As would be customary for a company known for designing the most famous cars of our time, the design exercise for the LZR 980 started with a deep analysis of function and ergonomics. The result was a newly developed polygonal shape for the earpiece cups that redefine comfort. The aesthetic on the outer shell takes on a rather automotive vibe too, with an organic surface punctuated by a ridge running from left to the right, reminiscent of automotive styling and detailing. Under this hallmark of Italian styling lies Magnat’s state-of-the-art audio drivers, precision built in a vacuum chamber using laser measuring technology for accuracy the Germans are lauded for.

Available in the four classic colors (metallic black, white, silver, and gold) and with the Pininfarina logo shining proudly on the headband, the LZR 980 shows that the Italian design house knows how to set a high standard for design… whether for car drivers, or audio drivers!

Designers: Pininfarina & Magnat.