A Mini Minty Treat!

The new airlines electronics ban is truly a bummer… but some Altoids should make your ride much more entertaining. How, you ask? Why, Sudomod managed to fit an entire Raspberry Pi based gaming console into the Altoids tin! Looking just like any unsuspecting tin of mints on the outside, the tin is actually a vintage gaming holy-grail on the inside with titles like Zelda and Donkey Kong in all their glory! TSA may think you’re an absolute clown, but the MintyPi 2.0 (that’s what these cuties are called) is pretty much flight-compliant!

Just like the Altoids come in flavors, MintyPi does too, adorably color-coordinating their bodies with the Altoid flavors! The MintyPi consoles are all hand-built, with the bodies, buttons, and joysticks all being 3D printed. Sadly, the MintyPi is just one of Sudomod’s incredibly wacky personal DIY projects, but plans for making your MintyPi are in the pipeline and will be available in the weeks to come, right on Sudomod’s website!

P.S. The MintyPi consoles also make perfect companions for boring dates, lectures, and meetings. Although we do not take responsibility if you’re caught!

Designer: Sudomod




This is a DIY project and is by no means connected to the Altoids Company.