This Ring Wearable Tracks your Health + Sleep, enables NFC Payments, and can even Unlock Your Car

Smartwatches are soon going to become the Blackberries of the wearable world. Only people who really need ‘watches’ will opt for them… while the rest of us will wear smaller, more inconspicuous finger-based smart wearables like the Ring One. Designed to monitor your vitals, track your fitness routines, measure your sleep, even detect period cycles in women, and enable NFC payments with a simple tap, the Ring One is a slick wearable that sits on your finger. It might be missing a screen, but it makes up for it by still doing a stellar job of keeping a tab on your vitals in real-time, tracking micro-fluctuations in your heart-rate and temperature, and even measuring all 4 stages of your sleep. It’s 80% smaller than a smartwatch, but does 99% of the things a smartwatch does… except for telling you the time, of course.

Designers: Janeef Mayari, Sai Prasanth KLN & Dhoorjati Varma

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Engineered to be small enough to fit on your finger, the Ring One disguises itself as a piece of jewelry… but hides some impressive tech underneath the surface. It trades the smartwatch’s crown for a rotating dial, allowing you to toggle between the Ring One’s many different modes, from heart tracking to fitness/workout tracking, sleep tracking, making NFC payments, and even letting you remotely unlock your car. The underside of the ring has a research-grade optical PPG sensor, a temperature sensor, gyroscopes, and accelerometers that help it track movement and how your body responds to it. The Ring One is capable of tracking your health 24/7, with a battery that still manages to pull off a week’s worth of use before it needs charging. All this sits within a ring that’s made from grade-2 Titanium and medical-grade epoxy, making the entire device hypoallergenic and 10x lighter than your average smartwatch.

Wake up each morning to detailed sleep insights.

Keep an eye on your heart and your overall health.

Given the discernible lack of a screen, the Ring One relies on a smartphone app to display its data. This works well for people who don’t want extra screens on their wrist, giving you a wearable that allows you to focus without distracting you with metrics and all sorts of data-points. When you want to perform a deep-dive into your health, the Ring One’s app has historical as well as real-time data for you, ranging across a variety of categories, from a breakdown of your heart activity including heart rate, HRV, SpO2, blood pressure, and skin temperature, to a comprehensive analysis of your sleep across wakeful, REM, core, and deep sleep stages.

Maximize your fitness gains with advanced exercise metrics.

Turn the ‘bezel’ or Turn Wheel on the Ring One and it instantly goes into workout tracking mode, letting you get a comprehensive breakdown of your exercise routine by measuring your heart rate, steps taken, calories burnt, and overall strain index. It even goes as far as recommending how much you should strain yourself on a given day as per your sleep score, ensuring your body is well-rested enough for a rigorous workout. For women wearers, the Ring One serves as an effective period tracking device, letting you know well in advance of your cycle status.

Enjoy secure and convenient payments.

Quite like any wearable, the Ring One prides itself in versatility too. Rotate the Turn Wheel further and it turns into an NFC-enabled payment device that lets you tap to pay at terminals and other POS systems. The Ring One app lets you store all your favorite cards, and lets you directly tap-to-pay with them through the ring itself.

Use Ring One as your car key.

Once you’ve made the payment, rotate the ring to ‘lock’ it so it doesn’t tap anywhere else by accident – similar to simply putting your card back in your wallet. The NFC feature extends to car keys too, supported by the Digital Key 2.0 specification. Feed the details into the app and you can use your Ring One to unlock your Tesla, Hyundai, and other compliant cars.

An iconic charging case.

Despite its ridiculously small size, the Ring One boasts an impressive 7-day battery life even when kept running all day long. Its data gets beamed to the smartphone app in real-time, letting you see your stats at any given point of the day as well as from your history. A proprietary dock lets you charge your Ring One when not in use or when its battery gets depleted. Place the ring in it and it wirelessly begins juicing your wearable’s battery. The dock has a light to let you know your Ring One’s charging status, and even has a built-in tweeter that lets you ‘ring’ your Ring One from your phone just in case you can’t find the dock with the Ring One on it.

The slick Ring One comes in a variety of finishes, from a nude steel to an anodized black, gold, and even a rose-gold finish with a choice between a black or a white band running around the center. The Ring One starts at a discounted $172 for any of the titanium-based variants, but if you’re looking to really bling up your wearable, Ring One’s makers will craft a solid 18-carat gold Ring One wearable for you for $599 just in case you want to treat yourself to a bit of jewelry, or want to surprise your partner with an eternal symbol of love and overall health and wellness!

Click Here to Buy Now: Two for $330 $596 ($266 off). Hurry, the deal is for YD readers only! Raised over $800,000.