A Mate that Illuminates


Reminiscent of Baymax, the adorable fluffy robot companion from the movie Big Hero 6, Bero is a friendly smart-lamp that lights up, bringing an affectionate warmth to your home. The Bero is a perfect addition to a child’s room, providing them with a lovely friend who they can trust or confide in, while also being a beacon of light, hope, and happiness for them.

What’s unique about the Bero lamp is that it combines beautiful character design along with product design to make a lamp that has a strong emotional connect. The designers behind Bero also crafted a rather enchanting backstory, giving the Bero history, and meaning. The Bero comes from a secret, enchanted world under the forest, called Jinnia. A light spirit, it shines across the forest, providing light and nourishment for trees to grow. Curious by nature, the Bero loves helping humans too. It watches over children as they sleep, giving them sweet dreams; and returns to the forest once the sun comes up!

Take that story and couple it with the Internet of Things, and the Bero becomes a truly interactive toy/lamp for children as well as adults who love being young at heart. The Bero comes as a pair, with a big Bero that acts as a standalone lamp, while the little Bero can be carried around and used as a mini-torch. The big Bero sits at roughly a foot in height and contains within it an RGB LED module. Controlled by a native app, the module can replicate close to 16 million colors by playing around with the RGB ratios. The app even allows the lights to pulsate gently, or even act as an alarm notification. What’s interesting is that still, outwardly, the Bero doesn’t resemble an electronic gadget. It doesn’t come with an off/on switch, but rather relies on it being gently tapped on the head or body to be switched on or switched off. It’s attention to details like these that make Bero less of a lamp and more of a wonderful living, interacting buddy… both in the darkness as well as in the light!

Designer: Nyllili Studio

BUY IT HERE: $69.00 $115.00