The Perfectly Calibrated Business-trip Bag

The average business trip lasts not more than 36 hours. That rather important insight is what makes the Lundi travel bag the perfect choice for businessmen and businesswomen who take regular work excursions.

While most bags attempt at multitasking by being work-bags, travel-bags, weekend-bags, gym-bags, etc., dappling with modularity and adaptability, the Lundi travel bag isn’t a jack of all trades, but rather, a master of one domain. Creating a new category of bags designed with not activities in mind, but rather hours spent pursuing them, the Lundi is the world’s first 36-hour Travel Bag, built specifically for being the best partner for your short business trip.

The Lundi travel bag doesn’t multitask or juggle different avatars because it doesn’t need to. Firm in its resolve to provide the perfect storage for your business trip, the Lundi is one of those products that challenge the notion that a product that multitasks is a “better product”. On the outside, its leather design is classic, professional, and unisex; working wonderfully for businessmen and businesswomen on the go. On the inside, it is compartmentalized to perfection, giving you one dedicated space for office and work related items (both electronic and otherwise), and another for clothes/toiletries/travel-documents… all perfectly calibrated for 2 days and 1 night of occupational travel.

As a notion, the concept of a bag designed around a time-frame seems like the most suitable way to go. In a sense, the bag’s description is its design brief: “A bag designed for the 36-hour business trip”… and it completely does justice to it. Because let’s not forget, in the business world, Time is Money!

The Lundi Travel Bag is available in two timeless leather variants. The Embossed leather bag lives long and stays strong, while the Vegetable-tanned leather embodies high-couture in profession. The Lundi travel bag is available on Kickstarter till the 9th of April (23:00 PST), so grab yourself the best business-trip bag, pronto!

Designers: Maison Hikaku & David Mateo Design

BUY IT HERE: $349.00 $629.00