Water Slippers

When you put the words kids, bath, and entertainment together, the image of a rubber ducky might come up. That’s the inspiration behind the Vak-Vak. With a squish of your heel, water sucks into the duck. Another squish jettisons water in a stream of fun wetness.

Designer: Muzaffer Kocer


  • caca says:

    this is really funny=))

  • mod*mom says:

    my family would love to try these 🙂

  • muzaffer kocer says:

    Hi, Thanks all comments.
    The material of the Vak-Vak is EVA.

  • jason says:

    most people drown from having shoes on in the water. but a cool concept none the less

  • it looks like very funny.I think it will be very popular next summer and children'll enjoy
    congrulations…and we love youuuu..

  • raida says:

    so cool!!

  • aslı koçer says:

    it looks like very funny.I think it will be very popular next summer and children’ll enjoy
    congrulations…and we love youuuu..

  • guo says:

    hey, just one squish not two, it only could be used for shooting.

  • Freshome says:

    Simple, and I’m sure that kids will love this design.

  • safak oner says:

    It’s great! I would have fun with it, I would run with it after my girl friend :). So do you think produce it? I believe that it would sell many.

  • punkboy says:

    if you have one shot,to whom gonna aim it?lol thats not a pistol i know,good work.

  • Alicia Villars says:

    I love them, can a purshase a protype? IF so, how can I do it.

    • muzaffer kocer says:

      hi, thanks your comment. I enter a slipper competition with vak vak. Maybe next summer it will be produced and i will sent a sample to you 🙂

  • maureen says:

    i want one for my godson!
    how can i get one?
    hi’s b’day is coming soon and it would be a perfect gift!

  • ilshat says:

    )) good)

  • Sarah Thomas says:

    oh my gosh! are these for sale?!?!? I would totally buy 2 pairs for a reasonable price. one for me (15 =]) and my sister (5) Or be free advertisers? haha. these would totally be amazing to wear to school on a rainy day and squirt all the puddles at people. I really want some. its one of those things that people think are lame on the outside but secretly want to buy some.

  • eva says:

    how can i get these?!

  • Haytham says:

    Naughty Boy

  • hc son says:

    Dear Related person,

    Can we purchase this slipper as the biz?
    How can I do it?

  • Pete Turner says:

    I want these now. Who do I talk to?

  • Pete Turner says:

    I want these now. Who do I talk to?

  • Where can i get this??.I love it!!.Thanks you!

  • Claudine says:

    Hello, did you end up producing them ? I can’t seem to be able to buy some over internet. Congratulations for the great idea. Please tell me where I can order some. Claudine

  • Pedro says:

    Hello, I want to buy it as I can do? I’m from Argentina so I could send, what is the price? thank you very much

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