Ever wanted to ride a paper plane?

Two of the hottest tech developments of the last year have been merged together and we couldn’t be more excited! Imagine a drone with a camera… and then imagine hooking that to a VR headset! The PlaneVR does precisely that! To give you more of an adrenaline rush, the drone is simply a propeller module with a mounted camera (made by none other than drone-expert Parrot) that attaches to a paper aircraft, propelling it forward, while a camera on the front gives you a live stream of what it feels like to have wings and soar across the sky!

The paper-plane construction means that your drone will never get damaged, while it also allows the drone to continue flying in a random flight pattern, giving the VR headset wearer quite a roller-coaster ride! The PaperVR drone comes without controls, and has an in-built live video streaming service within. Connect your phone to the PlaneVR app and slip it into your VR headset and get ready for the most adventurous flight of your life!

Designer: PowerUp Toys

BUY IT HERE: $236.99 $280.00