A ‘fresh’ look at laundry


The Electrolux Laundry Cabinet’s take on washing clothes seems like the perfect systems design project for Superman, or Mark Zuckerberg… both notoriously known for wearing the same outfit for years. The laundry cabinet concept creates a laundry system for clothes around the time-frame of man’s personal laundry system – the daily bath, allowing your clothes to get washed and ready while you do the same!

The cabinet is designed to take care of the laundry from A to Z. Place the clothes within and they come out washed, dried, and pressed, ready for wearing again! A conveyor belt transports the cloth items between the washing/drying/ironing zones, while the cabinet at the bottom collects them once they’re ready. The process is calibrated to take the same amount of time as your bath, so just undress and place the clothes in the cabinet before you enter the shower and let the Electrolux Laundry Cabinet take care of the rest!

Designer: Chan Chi Kwan