Fresh water, fresh design

Let’s be honest. We miss the Electrolux Design Labs competition! It was the perfect platform for exploring uncharted technological territories and marrying that with a keen design sense. The Electrolux Evno is a conceptual wall mounted tankless water filter that brings a clean design to a product meant to clean our water. Aside from its pure aesthetic, it explores a new user experience, by bringing rotating faucet-style dispenser mechanisms to the product. While most water purifiers have push-button dispensers, or lever style dispensers, the Evno brings the universally relatable turn-on turn-off style dispenser to the appliance.

The wall-mounted design even comes with a retractable tray, so that even though it may be mounted higher up so that bottles fit under the dispenser, the tray can hold smaller vessels like glasses or tumblers closer to the dispenser nozzle, preventing water from splashing out and getting wasted.

Designers: Harsh Thacker & Kristin Francis