Design Digest Vol.14

It’s that time of the week again so get those limited attention spans ready. It is time for the YD Design Digest; A compendium of easily digestible design delights from around the inter-webs. Sleeves are the new skins when it comes to keeping your computers cozy, this “F84 Mac Air Sleeve” by Freitag fits like a glove.

What better way to pretend you live in the early 1900s then to sit on a rocking chair and needle point to your favorite radio show? Well with Soft Tunes by David Gillblom, you can combine two of your favorite turn-of-the-century pastimes into one. This radio design is made of linen and is tuned by your needles stitch or puncture… ah, needles and punk rock go together like pees and carrots.

What better way to inspire creativity in a work space then to remind us all of the torment that was high school? Well that was sort of the point of this design for KULT Offices in Singapore. This workplace, inspired by science labs, is perfect for day dreaming about what to have for lunch or what to wear tomorrow.

Brush up on your Alice and Wonderland when entering the London Underground system. That’s where you will find this Studio 8 Architects’ tunnel installation. Tucked between honeycomb cardboard panels symbolic of stalks and twigs, white rolls of recycled garments protrude like the heads of hundreds of roses. Just as the gardeners painted the roses in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.