The Jet Lag Eliminator

If you manipulated your sleep cycle just right, you might be able to avoid jet lag… but who has time for all that math and preplanning?! The E-Sleeping pillow takes the guess work out of combating jet lag and long flights with physiological sensors and a smart connected application.

When you open the E-Sleeping pillow on an airplane, it will inflate automatically. Then, simply connect to the application via Bluetooth and enter the flight information (such as location and time). The application will analyze the ideal sleeping time and duration on the plane that will allow users to start adjusting to the destination’s time even before they have arrived at their destination.

During the flight, the pillow also helps users achieve better sleep quality through sound waves and simultaneously analyzes the sleeping conditions with the physiological sensors. When the plane is about to arrive, the E-Sleeping application will follow up by provide sleep suggestions based on the sleeping data tracked on the plane.

Designer: Yeh Chia-Yu & Lin Yi-Xiang