Bloop! (There It Is)


Meet, Bloop… a coffee table that looks just like it sounds! Like a wooden water droplet frozen in time, this sculptural design is characterized by fluid transitions between interconnected parts, with soft-rounded edges, and refined details.

Crafted from solid wood, Bloop’s unusual form gives it a new, surprising and sophisticated balance point. The upward-rounded edges of both its base and top appear to float and flow between its thin leg which gives it a sense of lightness despite being quite sturdy.

Designer: Regular Company


“Bloop’s unconventional form was created by shifting the axis of rotation of its base, leg and top – thus defining the table’s proportions, and giving it a new balance point,” says design studio Regular Company.


“The organic joint between the leg and the tabletop reinforces its stability, a design that allows only one slim, vertical element.”