Gadget Gymnastics!

We’ve gone from computers to the size of rooms, to smaller desktop computers, to laptops, and now we can hold them in our palms, with smartphones. However, nothing really beats the joy of “hands free”, doesn’t it! The Ridge Stand was made for the people who want their technology to be at arms distance, but not in one’s arms. The stands come in three size variants, capable of docking laptops, tablets and phones. Their build quality is so incredible, it can hold more than 5 times its own weight. Not only do they hold your laptop/tablet/smartphone, the powerful friction hinges allow you to even position your device at any angle you choose (and keep it in that position), while the polyurethane rings prevent your gadgets from slipping off the stand.

Ever since gadgets have gotten smaller, they’ve had profound effects on our postures. We hunch in front of laptops, sleep with our smartphones, and that’s nothing short of a physiological disaster. The ridge stands make your gadgets position themselves according to your ergonomic needs, rather than the other way around. They’re made to even route and segregate the cables from behind the gadgets, managing them beautifully, hidden from sight. What’s more, the entire Ridge stand is foldable, becoming compact to fit into a travel case and be carried around with you!

The Ridge stand makes a perfect dock for people who spend hours in front of their gadgets (case in point: virtually everyone). Whether you’re at an office or work-from-home person, the Ridge Stand+ for your laptop allows you to elevate your machine by 200 centimeters to get that desktop style angle. The Ridge also makes a brilliant mount for people who use their front facing camera to vlog or share stories/selfies. Use it in the gym, kitchen, or in bed for getting that perfect screen position while your hands are busy working out, cooking, or munching popcorn. The applications for the Ridge stand are truly endless… because why worry about adjusting your screen when you can adjust your entire laptop/tablet/smartphone to any position or angle you want it!

Designer: Ridge Design


The Ridge Stand Mini (iPhone) $25.00.00 $35.00
The Ridge Stand Plus (iPad) $49.00 $69.00
The Ridge Stand Pro+ (MacBook) $65.00 $85.00