The Vroom Vroom Broom!

Roombas are cute, but honestly, they’re really stupid. They end up getting jammed with pet poo, and are honestly not as smart as we expect them to be. What IS good about them is the fact that they come with motorized brushes that mimic the swooshing of the broom with minimal effort.

Ladies and gentlemen, with that very insight, I present to you the Electronic Spin Mop! With motorized bristles, and without the bumbling AI of a Roomba, this thing brings much needed innovation to the lowly old mop (still the most used cleaning instrument even today). It comes with interchangeable rotating heads made of microfiber that clean easily, and are easy to clean too. Just pop them off and chuck them in the laundry after every 3-4 uses. The mop even comes with an inbuilt water tank and a spray button for those stubborn stains.

Using the Electronic Spin Mop is a dream. Just guide it along the floor like you would do a vacuum cleaner, and the spinning microfiber heads whoosh at 250rpm to wipe off anything even remotely related to dirt and grime. Plus, this beaut is battery powered, so no cords, no wires, no fuss! Just a spanking clean home!

Designer: Shin Kang

Buy Now: $189.00