Record experiences, not images!


I have a new policy regarding concerts, events, and fairs. I try to take as little pictures as possible. One, so that I enjoy the experience of living in the moment, and two, honestly, most of us take pictures for others to validate and approve of our social lives, and that isn’t a standard to live by. Take pictures for the memories, right? Not for Show and Tell.

However, if you must take pictures, the Moment camera is the way to do it. It straps to your thumb and works when you use your thumb and index finger to compose a frame, much like how film directors hold up both their hands to visualise camera compositions. When you flex your index finger downwards, the Moment camera senses the muscle variation and clicks away. Other gestures allow you to zoom in and out.

The magic of the Moment camera is its lack of a screen. When you’re not staring at a screen, you’re much more involved in the moment (a strategy that made GoPro the perfect camera for PoV video capture). Moment isn’t just smart design on the outside. It comes with shape recognition abilities, allowing you to click pictures even when you’re not wearing it. If you want to be a part of your photograph, just make the L gesture while in the frame and the Moment camera detects it and clicks your image. Awesome, right!? Let 2017 be the year the selfie trend died out and everyone enjoyed life by living it, rather than trying to document it!

Designer: Marion Bouvet