The piggy-bank gets a stunning visual upgrade, turning currency into art

Rather than encasing coins in an opaque container, the Numizmatus highlights them! A derivation of the word numismatics (the collection of coins), the piggy bank uses two sandwiched pieces of glass to trap and showcase the coins, placed one upon the other. You slip the coin from the opening in the top, and it drops down to randomly sit and collect with the other coins, facing either headwards or tailwards to the user. The Numizmatus works best with a variety of coins, spanning different values, currencies, and even ages. Old and new coins sit alongside each other, showcasing a stellar variety of a metallic chrome sheen or the patina of aged metal, with details like famous figurines and foreign numerics. Collect enough coins, and the Numizmatus becomes worthy of being mounted on a wall with other pieces of art, possibly even being a metaphor for the price of art itself!

Designer: Andrey Fabishevsky (Art. Lebedev Studio)