Minimal Pen, Maximal Expression

The Piuma pen looks like an ink filled space-bullet. It’s so well designed that its design isn’t apparent anymore. All you see is a quality product that’s instantly desirable.

The Piuma pen (or space bullet, because it really looks like one, doesn’t it?) maintains its minimal design style across a variety of materials, weights, and nib thicknesses, giving you a wide gamut of options to choose from. You can opt for the classic brass body or the stealthy and progressive looking matte black aluminum. However if you want a Piuma for life, we suggest you opt for the titanium body that’s virtually indestructible and equally lightweight.

Just like the bodies, the Piuma comes with different nibs too. Polished Stainless Steel nibs offer a classic style while the black coated Stainless Steel ones go brilliantly with the matte black pen body. You’ve even got a titanium nib because the pen is truly mightier than the sword! All nibs are German made and you can even choose between Extra Fine, Medium, and Bold nib styles.

The Piuma’s style makes any statement you want it to. It’s minimal aesthetic makes it look great in your pocket, on your work desk, and not to mention it’s an absolute delight to twiddle between your fingers! Of course you’d expect nothing less from the Piuma’s makers, ENSSO, a company that has secured A Red Dot Award, a Good Design Award, and an ICFF Award in just 3 years since their establishment in 2014.

Designer: ENSSO

BUY It HERE: $45.00 $70.00