Fitness guru strapped to your wrist

It’s been a year and a half since we showcased the Liv wristband on Yanko Design as an initial visualization, and now we’re looking at a product that looks more luxurious than clinical. The 2016-17 edition of the Liv looks amazing in its textured gold avatar, and does a stellar job as your personal training assistant that literally feeds off your physical data.

How Liv works is that it takes bio-readings to know if you’re exercising in the right method or the right proportions. If Liv senses you may be in danger of physically harming yourself by exercising wrong, it immediately vibrates, notifying you before some serious damage is caused. Liv also works with a mobile app that tells you to stay hydrated, or to take rest after exercise, based on your body’s needs… slowly conditioning you to become your own fitness trainer!

Designer: Nicolas Schmitt