The Mask Gets Comfy

A good comfortable and fitted mask is quite essential when you are in your workshop modeling your ID prototypes. Revolutionizing this theory is the Respirator Mask Design by Elijah Stillson. The design takes into account the contouring of the human head and is inspired by natural forms like fish gills. By moving the filters out of the user’s field of vision, the design improves safety while working and re-balances the weights. Since the filter cartridge is integrated into the mask, it closes when the respirator is not being worn and extents the filter’s life.

Designer: Elijah Stillson





  • Lone says:

    Very nice. Practical, stylish. Curious how it wears over time. Things that are supported by the back of your neck get uncomfortable quickly. A vertical and horizontal flexible strap would possibly be more effective, but Id hate to see the line of that face plate marred by anything. Whatever the case, good work :).

  • M.S.W. says:

    What happens if it rains? or high winds?

    • Henrique Staino says:

      Rain is a natural phenomenon wich consists in water falling from the clouds above. So, if it rains, water drops fall from the sky.

      I didn’t your second sentence, sorry.

  • karl says:

    it’s a workshop mask. what happens if it rains while you are outside sanding mdf with your electric bench sander and cutting foam on your outdoor home made hot wire cutter? pfht

    • M.S.W. says:

      Even as an indoor workshop mask the large opening at the top edge would make it quite easy for dust to come into the eye area.

  • Beauregard says:

    I can see some range of motion issues right off the bat. Unless the filters are very thin, turn your head down and to the left or right will cause them to interfere with your shoulders. This should only be an issue for rescue workers however, for shop purposes range of motion is secondary to comfort.

  • Robert says:

    Is it only me or is that filter actually open? It looks like I can see through it. Maybe this is just a prototype? I wonder how high it is graded and what it protects against? It certainly is the coolest mask I’ve seen so far. Where can I get my hands on one?

  • So… everyone on Gizmodo, including the editors thought this was a gas mask to be worn in the event of a biological attack.

    I think this tells you exactly what you should do: Make it seal, and sell 10 million of them to the US military. A workshop mask is nice but there are only so many workshops. Gas masks were all designed in 1951 so an update is more than necessary…

  • Kid Vivid says:

    i would love to have one to modify steampunk/cybergoth style. lol when can i pick one up???

  • Rodrigo says:

    Hola, te escribo desde Chile.
    Este concepto fue realizado el año 2003 en la Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María por un alumno de Ingeniería en Diseño de Productos ( en uno de los primeros cursos.
    Su propuesta consistió en rediseñar la máscara para filtrar aire, y su inspiración se basó en la observación de los tiburones.
    Sin duda tu diseño es extremadamente parecido (por no decir que igual) al que se desarrolló en Chile.
    Eso demuestra que algunas necesidades son inminentes y las mismas soluciones pueden nacer de personas distintas, en tiempos distintos.

    PD: digo lo anterior suponiendo que no viste aquel diseño previamente.


    Hello, I am writing from Chile.
    This concept was carried out in 2003 at the Technical University Federico Santa María by a student of Engineering in Product Design ( at one of the first courses.
    His proposal was to redesign the mask to filter air, and his inspiration was based on observation of sharks.
    No doubt your design is extremely similar (if not equal to) that was developed in Chile.
    This shows that some needs are imminent, and the same solutions may arise from different people in different times.

    PS: I say this assuming that you did not see that earlier design.

  • philo99 says:

    first of all. practical? this thing is humungous. how much does it weigh? those filters on the sides would definitely conflict with your shoulders. can you even look down in this? how is this better than a full face mask when full face masks seals better than half face mask; they contour the flattest parts of the face rather than half masks that deals with the nose bridge, which is the drastically contoured part of the face. this doesn’t even seal around the eyes. harmful gases and particles can enter from the sides. from the looks of the interior of the mask, it doesn’t even look like it seals properly. what about the chin? might be because it’s a prototype. you basically just took a half face respirator and made it way bigger, and put a huge eye protector on it. how did you innovate?

  • Blake Kucera says:

    Rain wouldn’t hurt you and how would a mask help against strong winds. You need a shield wall for that.

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