Ditch the Dual Sim for a Dual Screen Instead!


Ever felt that one smartphone screen wasn’t enough? The Oaxis InkCase i6 pulls off a Yotaphone-esque double screen design on your iPhone 6/6s. Just snap the case on and the power of Bluetooth grants your iPhone a secondary e-ink based screen. E-ink technology is incredibly impressive because it genuinely mimics paper and is incredibly clear even in broad daylight. E-ink screens also consume incredibly low energy and can display information even when disconnected… making the Oaxis InkCase perfect for storing important information like flight times, map directions, or even ticket information. Or you could just be a cool cat and upload pictures to the E-ink screen to personalize your phone case every day! Plus, the InkCase is so incredibly slim, you won’t even feel the difference!

Designer: Tim Lee

Buy Now: $129.00