Owl be there for you!


It’s rare that EDC or multitools get described as cute, so the Owl Bits is a rare, lovable case-study in ‘cute multi-tool design’.

The bird-inspired form comes with two wings and big eyes that serve as hinges for said wings. Open the wings out and you’ve got yourself a screw-driver that’s easy to rotate, thanks to its perpendicular grip. The wings come with multiple screw-bits inside them that can easily be removed and docked in place where you’d imagine the owl’s feet to be.

Crafted from stainless steel, plastic, and built with rubber grips, the Owl Bits comes in a compact design that occupies no more space than a measuring tape. It comes with its own carrying case too that packs hex sockets as well, making this avian species quite the mechanic’s best friend!

Designer: Hakan Gursu (Designnobis)