A Timepiece with a Pure Soul


We’ve been waiting for the Cabaro watch, honestly. Like we mentioned earlier, there are always two sides to human preference. Some want opulence, while others want purity. The Cabaro brings pure watch design to YD’s diverse coverage of watches over time.

Designed to cater to the classic watch lover, the Cabaro although established in Australia, comes from the heart of Switzerland, the holy grail of fine timepieces. The watch dial is simple, immaculate, and complements all styles. Think of it as your license to looking classy, no matter what the occasion. Beautiful leather straps go hand in hand with the different variants of dials, creating combinations that are both timeless yet contemporary. Honestly though, I have my eyes on the NATO Watch strap that looks absolutely gorgeous and gives the Cabaro an elevated sense of style.

Cabaro takes design purity very seriously. Aside from aesthetics, even its construction boasts of materials of the finest quality. The body of the watch comes forged in surgical steel, known for being gentle on the most sensitive skin. These cases are topped with sapphire glass that gives the dial immense clarity while preventing it from gathering scratches. It even comes with an anti-reflective coating, allowing you to view the time from any angle. Things get interesting on the inside. The Cabaro is the first of its kind to offer two types of Swiss-made calibers. The Ronda Slimtech 1069 gives the watch an incredibly slim profile while being impressively accurate. You can either opt for the Ronda, or choose the Sellita SW260-1, a much more advanced caliber that is truly Swiss engineering and craftsmanship at its finest. The Sellita has the ability to wind itself by converting wrist movements into mechanical action within the watch. Simply scrolling through your Facebook news feed, or even reading this very article, can charge your watch and effectively make it run for an entire lifetime.

It seems incredible to me, to have access to such finesse, backed by superior engineering, but without the exorbitant price tag. Crowdfunding has seriously brought about a radical change in business models across all industries. The watch industry is only one such example of a scenario that has brought passionate makers closer to passionate patrons, eliminating the fluff of businessmen in the middle… and that’s exactly the kind of purity that makes the Cabaro an all-round wonder!

Designer: CABARO Design

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