Packing some heat!


With the Focus heater, you don’t need to worry about feeling a nip in the air, anywhere. The heater has a motion sensor that knows where you are and projects the heat only towards you. This allows the Focus to use its heat efficiently, ensuring none of it is wasted. Cool right? What’s even cooler is the little design detail the maker added at the bottom. Look below and you’ll see a curved base. This allows the Focus heater to stand upright no matter what! Just in case your pet or your knee decides to knock over the appliance.

The cherry on the cake with the Focus heater is its make. Unlike most domestic heaters, the Focus is a catalytic heater, which relies on fuel to generate heat without fire. This makes the heater incredibly portable and extremely safe! Carry your heat around with you when you can, and when you can’t, Focus will aim some heat your way!

Designer: Bridget Lisec