Easy Pain Relief

I’ve just been through a painful patch of wound dressing and using awkward bandages, which is why I know that an improvement in design is needed. Although meant to be used as a Pain Relief Patch (for muscle pains), The Rolling Patch concept can be extended for all kind of bandages and First Aid dressing concepts. You can alter the length of the patch and trim to the requisite length, avoiding wastage and promoting easy application. Super!

Designers: Eun-ji Jeong & Na-young Kim


  • TIMTIM says:

    This is a good presentation graphic, but too busy, especially the first background. The idea is not so silly that it distracts people from the graphics. No need to have so many graphics to show the length is adjustable. It shows you have tremendous contempt for your customer. They may be as stupid as you think, and not understand that a roll can be cut off anywhere, but don’t let your hatred of their stupidity show through so much. The detailed graphics should be muted and smaller.
    The english is good, but there is too much of it.
    Add a picture of an athelete looking happy.
    A redesign could take this B grade to an A.

  • In my point of view this is so great ,

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