Make mopeds great again


We’ve seen bicycles styled to look like motorbikes, but never seen a moped styled to look as simple and innocuous as a bicycle! The Elmo golden moped has a simple, lean frame that looks a lot like a bicycle on steroids. In fact, it is just that! There’s a battery right under the driver’s seat (let’s hope it isn’t a Lithium ion one!), and can be detached and carried around to charge separately. There’s even a cavity where you would expect an engine. This cavity’s designed to hold a shoulder-bag that fits perfectly into the space. How convenient!

What’s the most admirable is that this isn’t a CAD file. The Elmo is actually a fully functional prototype that’s looking to hit the market in a few years. Fingers crossed!

Designer: Kasper Jensen (Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design)