The Tandoori Textbook!

In designer parlance, when you bake artwork, it usually means making it permanent. So all your effects get rasterized, you can’t go back and make edits. However, strangely, with the Rocketbook, you bake your artwork (literally, mind you) to erase it. Still clueless, aren’t you? Don’t worry, I was just as bewildered when I saw the Rocketbook for the first time. It’s a notebook with a specialized paper that, once you’ve filled it up with notes, can be put in the microwave, and out comes a brand new book with blank pages all over again! The paper also pairs with an app that allows you to scan all your notes to the cloud before you go baking your literature.

The unusual behavior of this book makes its experience unique and ridiculously fun. Scan your sketches or scripts by simply hovering your smartphone over the pages. Once the notebook is filled to the last page, pop it in the microwave and the heat erases the ink off the paper, making it infinitely reusable. Have you ever seen anything this quirky/awesome before?!

Designer: Joe Lemay

Buy It Here: $27.00