Stealthy Speakers

I’m not keen on the design because it looks like some military grade weapon but I suspect there are some audiophiles who could appreciate the Stealth | Four loudspeaker concept. It’s minimal in design, isolating each driver unit for maximum quality of sound reproduction without the need for bulk.

Four drive chambers cantilever out from the steel frame as if each chamber were floating in space. White accents at the very tips of the chambers catch the light so that in a dark environment all you can see are four glowing rings. The S4 is designed to disappear in a mood lit listening room, leaving only the exquisite musical reproduction emanating from the darkness.

Sitting at just shy of 1 meter tall, the sleek S4 comprises a sub-woofer, a mid/bass, mid/high and tweeter drivers nestled in the steel frame. All weight, wiring and crossovers are distributed centrally around the frame leaving the S4 balanced to perfection. The drive chambers are all isolated for resonance within the frame. Each driver is tuned and calibrated to its enclosure, meaning every chamber is performing at its absolute finest. Bi-Wiring/Bi-Amping facility aims towards the higher end of the audiophile market with a dedicated amp and source to power the S4. All of this is sitting atop a thick slab of steel, perfect for keeping the S4’s grounded.

Designer: Gorden Fraser