Captivating Cat Quencher


Cat owner/lover or not, you’ve seen this video somewhere on the internet where cats go crazy licking these frozen ice spheres. In fact, let me link you to it! Cats absolutely adore anything with a playful aspect to it, and although the ice ball trick is much too entertaining, it can be tiresome having to stock your freezer with water balloons everyday for the sake of this feline fancy.

The BobbleKat takes that chore off your hands with its quirky design that does a pretty eerily accurate imitation of the ice ball. Here you have a tray along with a ball shaped fountain that’s powered via induction. The fountain recycles water from the tray and pushes it out from openings on the top, providing a constant film of moving water on the ball’s surface. The cat can drink directly from this ‘fountain’ by licking the water off the ball, maintaining the exact interaction with the ice ball. What’s cooler is that the fountain shaped ball floats on the water in the tray too, giving the cat an all-round experience and keeping your pet as well as you entertained!

Designers: Pauline Dziama, Xinran Zheng, Tony Nguyen & Cindy Stetson.