Grade School Learning In The Future

What will education be like in the 21st century? The “Conceptual Age” has just begun. In this era, the creative and sensitive, conceptual thinkers will play a major role and in their education, school plays the most important role. Human intelligence produces technical and social change at a pace the traditional classroom can no longer deny. Since students have the opportunity to research online, teachers no longer have mastery over knowledge. They become mediators and facilitators, they need to promote the students‘ ability to work scientifically.

EduMap supports the students of the Conceptual Age. Because of the EduMap‘s compact size when rolled up, group learning situations can be generated with ease. The teacher simply brings some EduMaps to class (one map serves up to six students), unrolls them and places the subject tag on the map to activate the learning program. As soon as the students place their personal tags, their working area pops up and the recording of their learning progress starts. Now the students can interact with the teacher, with each other, and with the digital content, and even real subjects on the table. EduMap is a tool of interaction and collaboration that makes learning intuitive, engaging and fun. It is intended especially for elementary school to help students to prepare them for digital tools and networked learning. Is this how you imagined school?

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EduMap For Learning by designaffairs STUDIO