Top 10 Kitchen Appliances gift guide to elevate the cooking experience for every home chef

Thinking of our best holiday memories, I do believe a lot revolves around the dinner table. There is chaos and joy in sitting and sharing a meal without getting distracted or looking at a phone, especially when the meal is made at home. Granted, there is great convenience in take out, but as all things created with love, cooking at home, made with attention and love may be simple, but it is heartwarming, and that is exactly what you want this holiday season. For everyone who has dabbled with Dalgona coffee to making complicated meals, the appliances here are the sous chef you have always wanted. The guide is impressive, with innovative designs that support and revive the method by which we have been cooking. From a budding chef to an experienced one, use these products to cook a beautiful meal, creating cherished meals for everyone that will be remembered and recreated, making it the ideal gift this season.

1. Cheat Sheets Dividers

While this looks like something you would see in a viral TikTok video, the Cheat Sheets are the cooking hack we have all been looking for! The beauty of cooking in an oven is that you place your ingredients and you’re done, no need to keep stirring or checking on the food. The con however is the resultant meal is a medley of food – some overcooked, some slightly raw with a bite in it – which is granted given how each food has its own cooking time. That was the case, until now! Made from silicone, the Cheat Sheets provide individual, removable containers that sit on your tray allowing each food to be cooked for just the right time. Once that particular part of your meal is cooked, reach into your oven with mittens and bring it out, allowing the rest of the cooking process to go on seamlessly. And for those of us who hate scrubbing at the dry, sticky residue left on the baking tray – using Cheat Sheet keeps your tray clean and being easy to clean themselves, no scrubbing required. Space saving, time saving and power saving, Cheat Sheets is the genius kitchen appliance that’ll amp up your cooking process right away.

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2. Sempli Beer Glasses

Sempli created the Monti-Taste Set for beer connoisseurs who take their glass of beer extremely seriously! The set celebrates and pays a tribute to the various craft beers, and their unique tastes and individuality. Four distinct glasses were designed for four distinct types of beers, in an attempt to elevate the drinking experience. The Monti-Birra is a straight-sided beer glass, that perfectly holds your 12 oz beer. Featuring a conical inverted bottom, the glass instantly catches that initial splash of beer and allows for the foam to frothily gather on the surface. Next in line is the Monti-Pint which is meant to serve pints as its name signifies. The Monti-Pils was created for Pilsners and features a  tall and lean body that enhances the carbonation in the Pilsners, maintaining a longer effervescence. Lastly, the Monti-IPA is a fun zig-zag-shaped glass with unique angled ridges and is ideal for serving hoppy IPA brews.

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3. Zip top

Say goodbye to your plastic zip-lock bags, and welcome the Zip Top containers! The Zip Top reusable containers are made from 100% platinum silicone, and can be zipped shut, completely eliminating the need for a lid. The bags are virtually indestructible, endlessly reusable, food-grade and unstainable too! They’re impervious to the heat and cold – can take heat up to 220 celsius, and are freezer safe. The reliable zip/clip mechanism makes them even more secure compared to traditional ziplock bags, and allows them to store both liquids and solids. They can be used directly in the microwave and oven, and not to mention they’re dishwasher safe as well! The Silicone Zip Top bag is a perfect replacement for the harmful plastic bags found in the market. Infact, one Zip Top bag can save almost 5000+ plastic bags from being used. Each Zip Top bag can be used for years, decades even… saving you money and making life infinitely easier not just for you, but for the environment too!

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4. NanoFoamer V2

There’s something about the coffee made by baristas that instantly hits the right spot! Maybe it’s the velvety texture or the frothy foam…but something about it completely beats the cuppa we make at home. If you want to be your own barista, then the NanoFoamer V2 is what you need. It is the only AA battery-operated handheld milk foamer that lets you make latte-art-worthy microfoam milk at home. Unlike the older NanoFoamer, the V2 has clip-on NanoScreens, which basically means they’ve ditched the pressure fit system for a satisfying snap-fit, which provides a stronger hold on the impeller. The extremely crucial impeller is also replaceable and created from sturdy Polycarbonate material. With a more powerful motor, stronger construction, and all-new internal engineering, the V2 beats its predecessor, by preparing microfoam milk with super fine bubbles, and a wonderful velvety texture. The NanoFoamer V2 also works great with non-dairy milk alternatives such as – soy, coconut, and oat!

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5. Playful Palm Grater

In the list of cooking chores that go into meal prep everyday, grating is not something I would place high on the list, until now! Fitting securely in the palm of your hand, this minimal grater will add joy to your life. Commercially available graters are big, bulky and space consuming with a lot of grating space around the edges getting wasted and lets not even mention the danger to wandering fingers. Made out of a single piece of aluminium alloy, this grater resembles a fun piece of a coloured memo pad while it hangs on our kitchen walls. The angled corner rests the grater against your finger securely while you grate into the hole-free design, leaving behind no food waste. The result? A perfectly modern and minimal addition to your kitchen.

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6. Tero Food Recycler

Are you tired of wasting food? Or feel too lazy to recycle it after every single meal? Well, this is where Tero swoops in, with its promise to make food recycling easy, simple, and fast! Tero can transform your food waste into a dry fertilizer in about 3 hours. It reduces the volume of the food waste by 90%, and creates an odor-free, natural, homemade fertilizer with the help of a controlled grinding and drying process. It can tackle any type of food, including animal-based products, and recycle it in 3 simple steps – fill the appliance with the food waste, start it, and your food is fertilized within 3 hours! The fertilizer can be used to feed your plants, lawn, and garden. The use of activated charcoal, an airtight lid, and an odor filtration system ensure that your kitchen remains clean and odor-free. Tero is also dishwasher-safe and fits perfectly into small spaces owing to its elongated and compact size.

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7. Frankfurter Brett Kitchen Workbench

The Frankfurter Brett is much more than your ordinary chopping board – it introduces a completely new and improved way of cooking. The Frankfurter functions more as a workbench than a chopping board. The board has neat holes drilled on its side, which allow you to slot metal brackets into them and suspend a row of containers on the front, with another row placed behind them. The containers at the back can be used to store ingredients, while the front section of the board can be used for actually chopping. The chopped-up food can then be transferred into the front left containers, while all the waste and leftovers can be discarded into the front right containers. There’s also a nifty section to place your tablet in if you’re following a recipe online while cooking. The Frankfurter Brett creates an efficient and organized system that simplifies and fastens up one of the most tedious parts of cooking – chopping!

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8. Eto Wine Decanter

I hate watching a good bottle of wine go to waste, simply because it wasn’t consumed completely at a party, and had to face the horrors of oxidization for the next couple of days. If you have similar sentiments, then you will thoroughly enjoy the Eto wine decanter! Refined, and sophisticated, the Eto wine decanter exudes a modern and clean vibe with its stainless steel and glass structure, and rose-gold finish. What Eto does besides looking good is, it preserves a freshly opened bottle of wine, by cutting out the air flow to the wine. You simply decant the wine into Eto, press down on the neck of the bottle, and watch as a piston valve lowers down and meets the level of the wine. This creates an air-tight seal inside the decanter, preventing the wine from oxidizing and keeping it fresh for almost 7 days! You can use Eto to directly pour out the wine as well, the smart decanter functions as a wine bottle as well.

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9. TOKIT Omni Cook

The TOKIT Omni Cook is the kitchen assistant you secretly want but never knew where to find it. This all-in-one kitchen appliance promises to help you prepare your meals faster, more efficiently, and with an element of fun. Amped with cutting-edge technology, step-by-step digital recipes, and an automated cooking process – conjuring up delicious meals couldn’t be simpler. It features 11+ built-in culinary modes and can function as 21 cooking appliances, such as a slow cooker, steamer, blender, sous vide, fermenter, kettle, scale, sauce machine, and much more! Omni Cook has an integrated 7-inch touchscreen display, allowing you to tweak, customize, and play around with your favorite with the help of your fingers. The compact kitchen appliance only occupies a small footprint of 1 square foot, making it ideal for homes and kitchens with space constraints. You can place Omni Cook anywhere in your kitchen, and it will replace most of the kitchen appliances you usually require while saving up to 90% of space.

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10. Duo Cover

Introducing the Duo Cover…the next best thing after the microwave! Microwave covers have become pretty old-school, and it’s time to ditch them for the next-generation microwave device which provides you with moist leftovers every single time, a clean and splatter-free microwave, chef-approved meals in the nick of time, and burn-free fingers. Amped with an intriguing magnetic element, you can attach Duo Cover to the ceiling of your microwave, and pull it down when needed. You simply cover your plate of food with the Duo Cover, and it ensures that your leftovers aren’t splattered all over your microwave. You can also add some water, or close the knob on top, creating a moisture lock, and serving you with the freshest leftovers. The Duo Cover is created using silicone, which can last for years when treated with care. It completely eliminates the need for plastic, making it eco-friendly as well. The cover perfectly replaces paper towels and plastic wraps, hence helping you cut down on ocean waste, and save some money as well!

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