A Hardcore Hard Drive


All rejoice! The Porsche Design Hard Drive is officially the coolest in the world! Designed for professionals, the aesthetic of the hard drive does tend to match the tech you connect it to. Encased in anodized aluminum with a black plate on the top etched with the branding, this hard drive pairs perfectly with your Macbook. It happens to be one of the first hard drives to honor the USB Type C connection for more secure and faster file transfers. Speaking of file transfers, the Porsche Design Hard Drive has possibly the most needed features integrated into its design. The first innovative feature is the green LED strip on the edge. The strip lights up from start to end indicating file transfer progress. It’s just more convenient to know what percent of your files have transfered by just looking at the progress bar lit up on the drive rather than maximize and minimize unnecessary tabs. It even comes with a Force Eject button that allows you to remove the hard drive in a hurry. You can see the inconspicuous button right beside the Type C USB port. Its aim is to be your emergency resort, rather than a habitual function. Lastly, the hard drive comes with a gloss black dock that allows it to stand tall on your desk… because just like evolution made the humans stand tall, the hard disk must follow the same suit!

Designer: Paul Branson