The Wheels on your Cuffs go Round and Round

At YD, we usually don’t foray into fashion design, but when we do, we pick the classiest of designs to showcase! Encelade’s cufflink collection are certainly revolutionary. In fact they’re literally revolutionary! Each cuff link comes with a classy/quirky design that rotates on an axis, bringing some spinning to your bling!

The Encelade cufflinks are made in metal and finely finished with haute horlogerie finishing. The cufflinks are then PVD coated, giving them an immaculate gloss finish. Each cufflink contains inside it an intricate mechanism and the smallest ball bearings in the world to give you the best spinning action. Encelade claims the cufflink mechanism is extremely silent and are capable of turning at 150,000 RPM (but let’s not mount motors on our wrists yet). Available in some seriously wicked designs, these cufflinks are for the white collar hustler in you.

Ditch the Rolex. You want people to stare at your wrists, the Encelade cufflinks are sure to grab eyes!

Designer: Encelade Design

Buy It Here: $384 $450