Wheelchair GT

As you might have guessed by the name, the Ultra Long Distance Wheelchair was designed to extend the thrill of long distance touring to cyclists with disabilities. Inspired by the principles of GT automobiles, the trike was designed with an emphasis on comfort and high speed over straight-out performance, though it’s certainly not lacking. It’s one ultra-stylish ultra-tourer!

Designer: Andrew Mitchell


  • Nice render.
    How do you steer this contraption, or is it intended for drag racing on a straight strip only?

  • Christopher says:

    Why is the brake not next to the wheels?
    And what’s the front bumper for?

  • Jason Wang says:

    Absolutely stunning design and renders. I was convinced that this was a real product.

  • Arch_Boys says:

    So you said it can go high speed and you put the disc brake in the front wheel?? Thanx dude! You kill the man!!

  • Wolkenstein says:

    why would you want to use a better wheelchair for long distances if there are handbikes? they are much more ergonomical and efficient.

  • Kroneif says:

    On a traditional vehicle the front brakes do the most part of the work.

    I believe this was for use in marathon situations where hand bikes are not allowed.

    The greatest issue, is that in a device for the disabled, accessibility seems to be very compromised. For someone with limited mobility it would be near impossible for them to get in it.

  • Blackgyver says:

    This is not a bicycle where the weight is distributed, top heavy, and having an elevated centre of gravity. It appears that it would take a significant stopping force to counteract and overcome the ratio of the weight that is in the back for it to flip forward.

    It seems more prone to flipping backwards if it should hit a bump because the centre of gravity is close to the rear axle and there is no weight in the front. The vehicle would simply pivot backwards if it should hit a bump. Shifting the driver to where his/her back is in front of the rear axle might solve that problem (albeit making it slightly more susceptible to flipping forward, but very unlikely with such small brakes).

  • Aizawa Akina says:

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