The Look-Good Feel-Good Belt

The Mission Belt’s mission is more than just to hold your pants up. It’s dedicated to being socially conscious and donating a chunk of the profits to help fight global hunger and poverty… and that’s poetic given how the belt is usually for loosely fitted garments.

Mission’s goal is to provide not just to the customer, but also to people in need. Rather than donating to large organizations, Mission fragments the charities and sends them around the world, investing in small businesses, helping them flourish and grow.

The belt is at the center point of Mission’s strategy to eliminate poverty. Mission’s belt boasts of an incredible design that’s at the pinnacle of fashion and function. The belt pioneers the no-hole design with a slick looking metal ratchet mechanism buckle. The beauty of the buckle’s design is that since there are no holes, the belt can fasten exactly where you want it to, so that it’s neither tight nor loose… just perfect! And that’s what the Mission Belt wants to make the world. Just perfect!

Designer: Nate Holzapfel

Buy It Here: $36.95