This portable coffee grinder gives you the freshest brew anytime anywhere

There are a few things that are more underwhelming than an insipid cup of coffee. Imagine being in the outdoors, watching the sunrise on a green hilly landscape, and you go to sip your coffee and it just doesn’t taste right. Something of that nature happened to Todd Weimer, prompting him to sit and figure out why his camping coffee never tasted the same as the coffee he made at home. It wasn’t long before he figured out the reason – the coffee he made at home was freshly-ground.

Most of VSSL’s products were designed to bring a comfortable indoor experience to the outdoor world, and the VSSL JAVA is no exception. Made to give you epic coffee wherever you go, the VSSL JAVA lets you hand-grind your coffee beans to perfection. The VSSL JAVA comes crafted with a full-aluminum body, featuring a unique carabiner-loop that opens out into a swivel handle to let you carefully grind your coffee. A switch on the base lets you choose between 30 grind settings, while a steel burr on the inside pulverizes the coffee beans to consistent perfection!

Designed for the outdoors, the VSSL JAVA comes in a compact, easy-to-carry form factor, with a carabiner clip built right into its handle. The clip, aside from locking the handle in place (to prevent it from accidentally grinding), even helps secure the VSSL JAVA to your backpack/tent by suspending it from a handle or loop. The handle even comes with a telescopic extension to reduce effort, and allows you to grind enough coffee for 2 people in a matter of 60 seconds… because the only thing that complements a good sunrise and crisp, dewy air is a well-made cup of freshly ground, freshly brewed coffee!

Designer: VSSL

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $145 (32% off).

VSSL JAVA – Brew Epic Coffee, Anywhere

The VSSL JAVA is a premium, portable grinder designed for caffeine-fueled outdoor enthusiasts ready to take an upgraded coffee experience anywhere. By researching the technical components necessary to ensure a consistent grind, every time, the makers were able to create the world’s first hand grinder built to withstand the wear and tear of an adventure-fueled lifestyle.

7 Ways the VSSL JAVA is the Ultimate Upgrade

Behind The Design

We wanted you to be able to choose from a wide variety of brewing methods, styles, and grinding consistencies, so your adventures can be fueled by the coffee that tastes best for you. This called for a grinder that perfectly balanced durability, versatility, premium components, and portability.

The team set out to design and build the most innovative, premium hand coffee grinder possible – a gear and coffee lover’s ultimate necessity when it comes to brewing a truly great cup of coffee, anywhere.

It’s All in the Grind

The VSSL Java has a best-in-class stainless steel burr, which cuts the beans to a uniform shape and size instead of pulverizing them. The steel burr reduces the grinding time and makes it easier to cut, requiring less energy than a ceramic burr, with a consistently better result. The VSSL Java also has two high-grade mini radial ball bearing sets, ensuring you’ll never “wobble” as you grind. The pressure and force you exert will apply evenly and efficiently to grinding the coffee beans to your desired consistency.

The adjustment dial has 30 distinct settings, so you can obtain exactly the right grind size. Take away any one of these elements, and you get a weaker, more inconsistent result. We did everything we possibly could to allow you to extract the maximum flavor and aroma in your coffee, anywhere you decide to sit down and enjoy a cup. That’s why an ultra-durable, ultra-portable, premium handheld grinder is a must-have.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $145 (32% off).