An e-Trike for Muscle Training


The CERO tricycle goes far beyond fun! This adaptable e-trike is particularly useful for users with physical impairments who desire greater mobility, more exercise, or a supplement to physiotherapy.

Designed for those with medical conditions resulting from spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, and more, the design can be utilized in physical rehabilitation programs intended to help the patient regain strength and motion in impaired legs. During 20 minutes of cycling with the CERO each leg is bent more than 500 times. Even when the user’s legs can barely move on their own, the passive movement can help to improve blood circulation in the lower extremities. 

Users can adapt CERO to different leg lengths and find the most comfortable leg angle by inceasing and decreasing the distance between the pedals and the seat. The low center of gravity, seat with back support, and front steering give the rider a safe and secure feeling. The seat height, backrest height/angle, and the crankset’s position are all adjustable. The back, neck, shoulders and wrists are almost completely released from burden thanks to this special cycling position.

For individuals with stability problems or a variable energy level, there are three options available for ride style. Users can ride the trike by just pedaling, ride it by pedaling with electric pedal support, or with 100% electric power assist with variable speed levels.

Designer: Tamás Túri