Snapchatting in the Snow!


If there was one thing that impressed me about Nokia’s phones, it was the ability for the touchscreen to sense your fingertips through gloves. Sadly that highly underrated and necessary feature died with the brand. However, regardless of how un-smart your smartphone’s screen is, your gloves can compensate for that, allowing you to use your phone even in the harshest weather (when you could probably need it the most!). The Double Layered Touchscreen Gloves by Mujjo are intelligent in their own right by being capacitive-sensitive, allowing you work your smartphones with incredible dexterity while keeping those ten little fingers toasty warm.

The Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves are in-fact crafted especially to allow you to use your phone with ease. They say that you spend close to 20% of your day holding your phone, and cold weather shouldn’t stop you. The gloves come with a magnetic snap enclosure that allow a stronger bond between your palm and the phone, preventing it from accidentally slipping out of your hands (in case they begin going numb)… There’s even silicon dot pattern on the outside increases friction so that moisture or snow doesn’t become a problem.

Even with its incredible touchscreen-friendly abilities, the Mujjo are a hell of a pair of gloves. They come with an extra woolen layer for added insulation and even a leather cuff-strap to tightly secure them around your wrist. The fabric is engineered in a way that allows one size to fit all hands, and even stand the test of time, with its durable anti-pilling properties. So go ahead! Don’t stop yourself from tweeting about your insane snow-boarding experience… or clicking a selfie with the snowman you just built!

Designer: Remy Nagelmaeker

BUY IT HERE: $19.95