Get Eco-cozy!

Nothing’s an energy suck quite like a central heating system. The QFlow heater, however, aims to provide spacial heating specific to your personal area as an economic and eco-friendly alternative.

QFlow can warm your personal comfort zone or an entire room all without gas or electricity. The design utilizes a hybrid system of pot-in-pot heating and liquid glycerine to create radiant heat. The high temperature difference between the inner hot pot and the cool air of the room (known as the Seebeck effect) feeds two peltier cells hidden in an aluminium dissipator. This generated energy is enough to activate a low speed fan to direct heat where it’s needed. The flame is fueled by liquid glycerine, which is easy to get, affordable and very long lasting.

Additionally, once the temperature is enough to make the fan work, the thermal paint of the logo will change from white to red, indicating to the user that it’s hot and working.

Designers: Federico Dorfman, Agustina García & Alejandra Hanashiro