The Awesome Imaginary Bang&Olufsen Catalog

Sten Speaker Unit A

What’s better than a hi-fi speaker? Loads of them! The students at Aalto University put together form explorations for Bang and Olufsen’s audio division. The great part is that each speaker looks incredibly different, having no connection with one another, but they still look like Bang and Olufsen speakers. I guess it’s all in the anti-speaker form language, and the choice of material, primarily wood, metal, and fabric. Which one’s your favorite??

Designers: ​Masters Candidate of Collaborative and Industrial Design – Aalto University

Sten Speaker Unit C

BeoSound Cuisine A

BeoSound Cuisine C

BeoSound 50 A

BeoSound 50 C

Model n°0 A

Model n°0 B

Reflect A

Reflect C


Belong A

Belong C

BeoLab S A

BeoLab S C