Because Tablets can’t levitate

I’m ashamed of admitting that on multiple occasions while texting in bed with my phone above me, the phone has slipped out of my grasp and hit me square in my face. Just imagine that scenario with a tablet. Hurts just thinking about it! Well, TStand is a pretty neat solution to that rather bizarre (but real, nonetheless) problem. Its acrobatic design allows it to be used in myriad of positions, pretty much leaving your hands to do other important things. Like guarding your face, maybe.

Designer: Surface ID

Author: Sarang Sheth


  • Mike says:

    And another stupid idea on yanko. Congrats, it looks like a chinese product

  • Hey Mike,

    Since you are so bold to condemn our product so openly, let me suggest that you might be exhibiting “contempt prior to investigation”

    If you are fortunate enough to own a tablet, you will be amazed at this device.

    We have developed this product for over 2 years, made dozens of prototypes and discovered an incredible tool that can be used in a huge variety of situations.

    Designed and born in Montreal, Canada

    Patented in good ole USA! (and internationally)


    Sean K

    • Carole says:

      Hey Sean,

      This product is absolutely fantastic and just what people need to get better use out of their tablet. I showed it to a bunch of people in my office and everyone loved it. Mike clearly doesn’t know a good product when he sees it.


  • Joseph Kreidler says:

    Yes I’ve let my phone slip out of my hand ‘several’ times. The area where this could benefit me and my family most is in bed. We don’t typically use our tablets on bed due to the inability to keep them from falling over. Where can this need purchased?

  • Hey Joe Kreidler!

    mark our kickstarter launch in your calendar on May 19th!


    Sean K

  • Daniele says:

    Where can I buy in on line ?

  • Hi Daniele,

    Mark your calendar! It launches on kickstarter May 19th!

    Thx for being interested!

  • Leo Sigh says:

    Oh this is great. I’m constantly dropping my tablet when trying to watch videos on it in bed. And I love how you can use it just about anywhere.

  • Raj says:

    That’s really very useful..

  • Al says:

    My 5 cent worth of comments,

    Looks like you can mainly use in beds. If user wants to place it on a desk, they could have used the tablet cover to convert into a stand.

    It might be uncomfortable to view the screen on a desk or a kitchen top, because Tstand doesn’t look like it can adjust in height, the most it can do it adjust the angle so that you can see the screen. This kinda defeat the purpose of having such a big device. It could have done more than just changing angle of view.

    As a strong believer for bed is for resting, i think generally those who had their tablet slipped off because they are either too tired (time to rest) or they are playing games (where you need 2 hands to operate). The Tstand doesn’t seems stable enough to be able to withstand pushing buttons and sliding on the screen because it is using counter weight to maintain its stable state. Pushing buttons and sliding screens will disturb the CG created.

    A tablet is bulky enough, and with the addition of the Tstand its going to take up another chunk of space on the bed side tables. Maybe it is just unappealing to me because of the size.

    This now boils down to how much it cost and how worth it it is to buy. All the best to Tstand!


  • I suppose it will not comfortable that a holder with a tablet lay on my chest.

  • Angela says:

    Hey Al,

    Thanks for your input.

    However, in addition to adjusting the tablets angle, the Tstand elevates your tablet by 10 inches, meeting eye level in most cases.

    As of May 19, it’ll be available to pre-order on Kickstarter for $40-49.

    Check out for more details on its features/specs.


  • Starbucks says:

    In bed position looks cool, but i am thinking using it just on the plain old table… finally, something to lift the tablet up to my eye level…. my neck could be saved.. maybe.. finally…

  • Starbucks says:

    In bed position looks cool, but i am thinking of using it just on the plain old table… finally, something to lift the tablet up to my eye level…. my neck could be saved.. maybe.. finally…

  • Al says:

    You are most welcome Angela!

    I understand the 10 inches elevated tablet. Just different users has different sitting height. A child might find it difficult to use, same as people from different region, ie Asians vs Westerns.

    Maybe Tstand 2 should consider that.



  • Angela says:

    Hey Leo!

    Tstand is now available on Kickstarter! If you’d like to check out our campaign, here it is

    Have a good one 🙂

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