Regal, yet Reasonable!

In any action movie, let’s take James Bond for example, there’s always a Plan A, and a subsequent Plan B. Plan A is always embellished, and almost too perfect. Plan A however always fails. That’s when Plan B steps in. Plan B is reliable, and just as effective as Plan A. Plan B also makes for much more interesting movies… and watches! That’s right, Plan B is a series of watches designed to show the watch world that there’s always a better, cooler, and more effective alternative to the luxurious extravagance of Plan A.

Designed to compete in terms of quality and build with the highest and most reputed watch brands in the business, Plan B aims showing that even a start-up can deliver a quality product with the finest craftsmanship in the watch world. It does the impossible by putting Affordable and Luxury, both in the same sentence. The series of watches rival the most high-end watches with their precisely manufactured stainless steel construction. The dials take inspiration from classic 1950s french watchmaking, with its smooth round shape. The domed glass that sits on top is made of crystal mineral, while the insides are Swiss Ronda with 4 jewels. Even though the watches go head-on with luxury timepieces, they come with a casual yet svelte side too. The watches ship with a canvas fabric strap for those lazy Sundays, and a metallic mesh strap so you look absolutely dapper at work… and that’s amazing for a watch with such incredibly affordable pricing!

Designers: Quenitn Trudeau & Vikentiy Gryaznov

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