Get you a speaker that can do both


There seems to be a certain redundancy in the audio industry. People buy and own two products that do the same thing. An external speaker for music playback, and earphones or headphones… also for audio playback. Seems strange when you hear it that way, right? You wouldn’t buy a motorbike AND a car for when you’re travelling alone vs. when you’re with a group, right? Then why the duality with audio devices?

Audiowear answers that question with its pretty awesome split personality. It comes with an adjustable band that can warp into both bent and flat avatars, making the product a headphone when you want it and sound-stick during the rest of the time. It comes with Bluetooth and audio drivers for headphone playback as well as speaker playback. Impressive, eh? And how about that nude fabric exterior with super-gloss copper accent?? <3 Designers: Nytec Inc. & Malgorzata Blanchnicka.