A Beautiful Wall Clock on your Wrist


Different people expect different thing from their wearables/watches. Some people want to work on the go, others want to track their fitness… Some people want something much more traditional, a chronograph, a barometer, a world clock, the date, definitely. There are although a handful of people who just want the time. Nothing more, nothing less. The Two7 watch is just as functional as a wall clock. It’s just as elegant too. The Two7 does justice to the minimal approach. Most people think minimalism is just a couple of straight lines and flat colors. The Two7 watch is minimal in every sense, giving it the kind of purity you don’t see in too many products nowadays. Supporting its minimalist approach, however, is world class material selection and design. The watch comes with Swiss Rhonda Movement, a sapphire glass cover, waterproofing up-to 5 atmospheres, and a 5 year battery. It works like a dream, and looks beautiful, simple, and clean, without appearing incomplete. Plus, I really dig how the two and seven on the dial are colored differently, acting as the most subtle branding on the watch’s otherwise unblemished dial.

Designers: Samantha Charlton & Alex Marmon

Buy It Here: $109.00 $127.00