The Bi-folding Smartphone


LUNARK is a revolutionary smartphone design that utilizes a specialized hinge to allow its dual screens to perform a variety of functions in multiple positions. For instance, when users take a call, the extra screen can be used to access apps without having to exit the call mode. For gaming, one screen acts as a display while the other serves as a touchscreen control to free up visible game space. It also makes photo sharing a cinch by allowing drag and drop from the library on one screen to the email or message on the other without having to toggle back and forth. Better yet, when closed together, the screens are completely protected from scratches, making it easy and safe to tote around.

Designer: Allan Ospina









  • B says:

    It’s a very interesting design, and I loved that, even if the concept is not really new.
    I recommend to take a look at Microsoft Courier and Yota phone for two-screens interactions and at Jolla phone for full-gesture interactions (without ugly ‘home’ button).

  • Chunner says:

    Just take it all!

  • Chunner says:

    (Throwing money at screen) “Take all my money!!!”

  • leo says:

    I really like that phone , looks like you have open book with too many ………….. absolute I will get one. GREAT idea.

  • Austin Hofeling says:

    I love the phone, I always use the split screen mode on my android for multitasking and this would make it much better. The only thing I would be concerned about was durabilty

  • ممنون بسار عالی بود tank you

  • Anthony says:

    Lunark!? I’d call it Sam

  • WANG XIXI says:


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