Poetic Lighting


I have a weakness for really cool lighting that brings a certain magical ambiance to my surroundings. The right lightning, sets the right mood for relaxing me time. But I also love the fact when lighting has many functions in one and can light up my living space, but also change to calm my surroundings.

Well Light does just that. Designed by Stefan Nosko of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, created this design from the inspiration of a water well. Just like with the water well, the Well Light takes a simple oiled Maple wood with brass elements as the handle and attaches to that a woven textile cable. Attached to the cable is a bulb socket which is made from brass allowing the light to be easily lowered and lifted into the blown class container.

When the rope is lowered into the glass, the light radiates a soothing darker glow due to the coloring of the glass container at the bottom – either matted or blue. When the bulb is raised, it radiates light more clearly, brightening the surroundings. The entire process of controlling the lightning, just like lowering and raising the water bucket into the well, is soothing in and of itself.

Designer: Stefan Nosko