Grating Just Got Easier


My kitchen, like many of yours is filled with gadgets and gizmos to prepare food. My utensils drawer has many graters and slicers that I thought were cool looking, but nearly take the skin off my fingers when I try and use them – they also take a long time to get the job done. Who has time anymore?

Designer Umit Can Koralay, has created the Gravel food grater / slicer. This device is the perfect answer for me and well, all of us. Built bottom heavy, it allows for easier balancing while being used on the cutting board or even over bowls, pots or pans. The tube to insert the food makes clean up super easy, and with the push of a button, you can eject the blades and replace them for the different grating needs.

This awesome little wireless device makes using it easy, without having to worry about lugging around big pieces of equipment that you have to plug into the wall. Because it is wireless, cleanup is super easy. Once the Gravel needs a recharge, simply place it on the induction plate for next usage. Next time I’m grating my veggies, I will surely wish Gravel was in my hand.

Designer: Umit Can Koralay