Fighting Fire with Function

Fire Extinguishers are strange products, psychologically speaking. You want them, but you don’t want to have to use them. When you do, you want them to work perfectly. Ideally, though, you wish you wouldn’t have to require them. That creates this strange sort of dynamic in terms of functionality.

Most fire extinguishers don’t get used at all in their life cycle and maybe that’s why they haven’t been designed to the best of their ability. Twist, however, changes that with its new design and functional overhaul. Focusing primarily on the three most important areas of the extinguisher; the hose, the mechanism, and the ergonomics… the Twist creates a new type of extinguisher category that follows the norms of extinguisher design, but essentially creates a product that eliminates any sort of learning curve. The handle, for starters, is located on the top in a way that makes single handed carrying simple. The switch mechanism is easy to understand and implement, and the centrally located switch means left as well as right-handed people can use the extinguisher efficiently. A coiled hose sits on the inside, being hidden from the eye when not in use. When the need arises, one can simply pull the hose outwards and aim with one hand while the other hand supports the extinguisher. Quite a fresh approach, don’t you think??

Designer: Rob Shudra