Divide and Drool


Even the people who did pathetically at maths in school will create a ruckus if they get a slightly smaller size of a cake, pie, or pizza. They become geometry experts only when it matters, and cakes, pies and pizzas definitely matter! I say this because I’m one of those guys! The Sharing Knife’s design is quite engaging in the sense that it allows you to equally cut and distribute pieces of cake without having to sweat over geometric accuracy. The knife has a flexible blade that can be adjusted so that pieces can be made larger or smaller, depending on the number of pieces to be cut. The cutting tool’s design also ensures that the cake pieces can be removed easily instead of the tricky slide-your-knife-under maneuver. A guide near the handle allows you to know where to position the flexible blade.to get the desired number of pieces. Just set the setting and slide the knife-tool downwards into the cake to cut a perfectly proportionate piece. Slide the piece outwards and onto a plate and it’s ready to serve! Too bad you can’t reserve the largest piece for yourself anymore!! 🙁

Designer: Ryan Jongwoo Choi