Time and Technology Combined


The NYSW, like all analog smartwatches fuses the best of both worlds into a single timepiece. It retains the timeless elegance and class of an analog wristwatch, but introduces to it technological functions that you’d find in most smartwatches and fitness wearables. The advantage remains however that you aren’t forced into wearing a techy, metallic or silicone bracelet with some sensors, a battery, and a bunch of pixels on it.

While most analog smartwatches embrace their true heritage i.e., the classic analog timepiece, the NYSW was designed to redefine what an analog smartwatch should look like. Designed to look like a dashing, classy watch, upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that the NYSW takes a hybrid approach to aesthetics. Camouflaged as a stylish timepiece you can wear to work, or show off at business presentations, the NYSW is secretly your key to staying connected to all your apps while looking absolutely dapper. It comes with a regular hours/minutes/seconds watch face and a date window, but even with three subdials that work as a notification center for your apps, as well as a fitness tracker and pedometer. The watch possesses a biometric heart rate monitor at its base that tracks your health, as well as connects to your phone, allowing you to, at a glance, look at your notifications, your fitness levels, and the time. You can even set your own alarms and notification alerts on the watch, allowing it to remind you when to take medication, or to drink water.

Its technological capabilities aside, the NYSW looks like a smart timepiece, with its 316L Stainless Steel body and back. Sitting atop the dial is a sapphire crystal glass that gives you a view into the smartwatch’s remarkable face designs. Available in three styles, you can choose a watch design that suits your personality, going from the classy contemporary Soho, to the Manhattan style that sports a rather dashing woven carbon fiber watch face, to the Times Square variant that boasts of a crystal encrusted dial, giving your watch a dazzling shimmer that lets the watch stand out against your wrist.

The watch also boasts of being waterproof up to 5 atmospheres, and even performs auto-time-syncing depending on where you are. Unlike most smartwatches that need charging every day, the NYSW runs for two weeks on a full charge and will continue to work as a regular watch without smartwatch features when it runs out of battery. This gives it a massive advantage over a regular smartwatch, that needs periodic charging, and looks like the 2017 equivalent of a Casio calculator watch on your wrist… while its advantage over the analog watch remains that it can track your health and fitness for you, and even notify you every time you get a tweet, message, instagram notification, or an email, because it’s rude to be tethered to your smartphone when in the company of friends, colleagues, and business partners, but a casual glance at your stylish wristwatch is always the mark of a classy businessman who values time!

Designer: David Luk

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For the business man, the office worker, the hustler. Enjoy wearing the latest technology in a way that complements your business wear or work uniform.






Simpler, relaxed, lifestyle of the casual New Yorker.





Click here to Buy Now: $179.00 $358.00