The Powerful Power-Bank!

I don’t imagine #bendgate ever happened with phone chargers or power-banks, but who knows. Lithium ion batteries are pretty unstable little things. A little manhandling and you could have a pretty serious chemical hazard. Poseidon is a phone charger made to battle the elements as well as low battery. Designed to be drop proof and water proof, this slim little gadget is actually a 10000mAh beast on the inside. In fact it’s touted to be so powerful, it’ll probably outlive your phone… And the phone after it!

It also comes with an inbuilt flashlight with SOS signal beaming abilities (because power banks may be destruction proof, but humans sadly still aren’t). The Poseidon comes bundled with a nylon cable and carabiner, fit for people who push themselves, and consecutively their gadgets to extreme limits!

Designers: William Lam & Garrett Aida

Buy It Here: $79 $100